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aRT & animation

       For as long as I've had a passion for music, I've felt I had a lot to learn from visual design, particularly architecture, animation, visual art and graphic design. The parallels between the craft of each of these fields and musical craft has been a consistent source of inspiration, and my artistic goal is to hone my use of musical metaphor in order to appreciate these connections more. 

       Visual art, graphic design, and animation in particular are close to my heart and I enjoy developing myself as an artist in addition to a composer, particularly when it involves collaboration with my musical peers; this has involved creating animation that accompanies music, creating album art, illustrations of musical concepts, and logos for festivals amongst other projects.

      Currently , I'm working as a freelance animator and visual artist in addition to composing, so please send a message if you're interested in a commission! 


Love Triangle Short Film (2019)

featuring "Love Triangle" for violin solo (2016)

Reminiscence (2018)

music by Chi-Wei Lo

Intro Animation for Alinéa Ensemble's

Everything but the Kitchen Sink series (2020)

The Restart (2016)

original score



Album Art for Elena Urioste and Tom Poster's


published by Orchid Classics


NEC's PLUGGED IN Electroacoustic Music Festival

commissioned logo

City Suite.jpeg

City Suite (2016)

Cover Art

CMS logo (square).jpg

Chamber Music by the Sea

Commissioned Logo

Screen Shot 2020-07-02 at 12.29.06

Invisible Cities (2020)

Cover Art

MANELLA'S "Songs my Mother Never Taught Me"

A commissioned piece for each of the eight tracks of the album:




Young Girls

The Water (Poem)



Falling Out of Love

Impromptus of New England Project

“Impromptu of New England No. 1”
Charles River Sunset, watercolor and ink on paper 

Composer and violinist — Leonard Fu


This is the first of a collaborative project to express scenes of New England both visually and temporally.


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